10 places to go hiking within an hour of Boston – Boston.com

10 places to go hiking within an hour of Boston – Boston.com

April 22, 2022 0 By 164news


These hiking destinations are all within 30 miles of the city.

The view from Spectacle Island. Department of Conservation and Recreation

If you want to disappear into nature without traveling too far from the city, there are plenty of hiking destinations to choose from.

Ahead, discover 10 hiking spots within 30 miles of Boston.

Spy more than 15,000 plants while walking the trails or taking a guided tour of the 281-acre Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Jamaica Plain, founded in 1872. It is part of the historic Emerald Necklace.

At this wooded area, hikers will discover a large trail system, two lakes, and vistas that boast views of Boston, New Hampshire, and central Massachusetts.

Folks hiking a trail in the Blue Hills Reservation. Department of Conservation – Department of Conservation and Recreation

There are trails for every level of hiker at this 6,000-acre park that stretches across parts of Milton, Quincy, Braintree, Canton, Randolph, and Dedham. The Skyline Trail offers views of the Boston skyline and was a favorite of Boston.com readers during the pandemic. 

Climb Stone Tower on Burrill Hill, the highest point in Lynn, for excellent views of Boston’s skyline. Bonus: Among the 30 miles of scenic trails is Dungeon Rock, an underground tunnel with pirate history.

The popular Skyline Trail, a 6.9-mile loop, is among the more than 100 miles of mixed-use trails at this hiking spot. Hikers are rewarded with fantastic views of Boston and the surrounding area from Wright’s Tower.

Meriam’s Corner is the starting point of the Battle Road Trail, which traces the retreat of British forces on April 19, 1775. – The Boston Globe

Spend time where the first Revolutionary War battle took place while hiking the Minute Man National Historic Park in Concord. The five-mile Battle Road Trail connects historic sites from Concord to Lexington. 

This 114-acre island boasts panoramic views from the tallest hill on the Boston Harbor Islands. Bonus: There’s a lifeguarded beach.

Hike around the pond that inspired Henry David Thoreau’s 1854 “Walden.” Hikers can also visit a replica of the author’s single-room cabin.

Samantha LaDuc of Andover and her dog Mo at the Solstice Stones atop Holt …….

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